Special Consideration for ETJ Member Employers 

Jobsinjapan.com would like to announce a special job postinig discount for ETJ Member Employers.  We appreciate that many of the employers active in ETJ run small schools with limited budgets.  

While we try to keep the job posting prices as low as possible --- ranging from JPY 15,000 to JPY 35,000 per job listing --- we would like to offer ETJ members a further discount on any job posting. 
Level 1:  35,000 yen => 28,000 yen  (Discount code: ETJ1)
Level 2:  25,000 yen => 20.000 yen (Discount code: ETJ2)
Level 3:  15,000 yen => 12,500 yen (Discount code: ETJ3)
When you go to purchase your job posting, just put "ETJ1" (no quotes) in the promotion code box to get the discount.

I have met many of you at various ETJ / LTP functions, so please do not hesitate to let me know if need assistance or advice in creating your job posting. You can contact me directly at peter (at) jobsinjapan (dot) com or via our inquiry form here.


Some information for those new to Jobsinjapan.com and would like to know how we are different from other employment portals:
Job Posting

Company profile page 
Application Destination

Resume archive
Screening Questions
Application Tracking
Employer Sub Accounts
Employers can create sub-accounts for staff and set up certain permissions for them. You determine your account user's level of functionality and can add or subtract users at will. No more sharing passwords with staff.

Employer Reports
Employers have a section in their accounts where they can track quick stats on the current number of jobs, job views and applications received. It is also possible to track general statistics per certain period (month, week, day) and specific performance data on each job.
Resume Archive
Unlike some job boards, we do not close down access to your account soon after your posting expires blocking you from your applications (resumes).

Other Features
You will have access to “My Account” which will keep your hiring activities organized. My Account is packed full of features that you will just have to experience for yourself.

Pricing Levels
The following are prices for a single 30 day job posting on Jobsinjapan.com

Level 1 – Featured job listing (35,000 yen ==>  ETJ Discount:  28,000 yen)
In addition to being listed as Featured on the Top Page, your job will get highest status in searches and listings. Instead of getting bumped down by newer postings, Featured Jobs stay at or near the top of the list for up to 30 days drawing greater awareness. Details

Level 2 – Semi-Featured job listing  (25,000 yen ==>  ETJ Discount:  20,000yen)                    
For the first 7 days online, your job posting will get Premium search and listings, then the job will be listed as a Standard job. Details
Level 3 – Standard job listing      (15,000 yen ==>  ETJ Discount:  12,500 yen)                                  
The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions, included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more. Details