The Japan Employment Success Program
Our mission:
To help our foreign clients obtain a respectable full-time job in Japan with an aim towards permanent residency, acceptance and independence in Japan.

Why you can’t get a job in Japan:
Most foreign exchange students (Language school, trade school and colleges) study and the school will advise you to keep studying further costing you and your family more and more money. Educational institutions are a type of business, and they rely on students to pay. A student is a “customer” and schools send you an invoice which they call “tuition.”
Once a certain level of fluency and cultural understanding is achieved, you are wasting your money on expensive school fees.  It is time to start earing real money to build your own life in Japan.
Our Approach:
The best way to learn how Japanese business works is to be employed by a Japanese company; on the job training and experience. You did not learn the skills to make yourself desirable to a Japanese employer, and Japan needs foreign workers in all industries.
The need for foreign workers is so great that we will actually guarantee you get full-time job with employment visa if you take and complete our program.  If you are not successful, we will refund your money or you can stay in the training program at no additional cost until you are successful.


* Looking at the graph, the areas that most foreign students fail is making the jump from Step 3 “Language proficiency with some cultural experience” to Step 4 “Getting a full-time career in Japan.”
What we are not
We are not an employment agency that sends you job listings or a service where someone else applies to positions on your behalf.  
What we do
The Japan Employment Success Program, by Find Asia K.K., is a career coaching program similar to executive outplacement services found overseas. It requires the active engagement of participants who must follow certain rules, including attendance at career coaching sessions with homework in order to qualify for the money-back guarantee. 
Once you sign up, we assign you a career adviser. We have a 10-step program that walks you through the job search process in Japan and coach you on what you are doing wrong. We take away the mystery and show you what you did not learn in your Japanese courses on what to do to be desired by Japanese companies. We believe in it so much that at the end we guarantee you’ll get an offer within six months. 
This program is designed for the job seeker who is dedicated, motivated, and willing to put in the time and resources to get the job that’s the right fit to succeed, work and live in Japan. 
The Training Program Contains:Requirements: Success Guaranteed
You will have a job within six months or we will refund your fees.
We measure success as the candidate changing his or her visa status to an Employement visa.
Refunds are not given to those that:* The training will also help candidates help themselves improve their own situation without relying on just our introductions.

This program is not for everyone.  
We do not accept all applicants that apply for this program regardless of ability to pay. Each applicant will be interviewed and carefully screened.
If you are not serious about working, living and succeeding in Japan, please do not apply. We will give you the opportunity to succeed in Japan but to fulfill this opportunity one must be motivated, hard-working and mindset about to complete the training.