The Inside Japan Podcast – Vickie from the Mental Health Support Organization TELL Japan

This week Vickie, Director of the not-for-profit Mental Health Organization Tell Japan. We get into exactly how TELL helps people, how VIckie got her position, and go over some issues Japan still has to deal with in terms of mental health. Enjoooy.

Topics Discussed:

    • 2:30 – What Vickie does at TELL
    • 3:40 – How Vickie started working in Japan
    • 8:00 – What TELL Japan does
    • 14:45 – Suicide in Japan and what might be the cause
    • 21:30 – Balance of the country offering support for foreigners and the responsibility of the foreigners themselves
    • 24:00 – How do you know when you might need help?
    • 29:00 Bullying in Japan
    • 33:40 – Final Advice


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