The Inside Japan Podcast: From Interac to Tech – Jordan

This week Jordan drops in to regale us with his tale of making the jump from Interac Teacher to his position in the Tech field.

Enjoy the show.

Some of the topics discussed include:
2:23 – What Jordan does now
2:50 – The Question Jordan sent me more than a year ago
7:30 – The New Interac Contract Talk
10:00 – Quitting his job at Interac
13:30 – Finding his new job
17:20 – His First Day
20:00 – What’s your work life like? How’s the money?
24:30 – Anything you wish you did differently?
32:00 – His strategy for applying for jobs

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One Comment

  1. Renzell R Singleton

    The more you know, I’ve been interested in trying to get a Job in Japan for about 8 months. now. From all the interviews I failed, It got the impression of since I never actually really even went to Japan they don’t know how I would adjust. So I actually took the trip stay in Japan for an entire month. and Experience living again, enjoyed more than I knew I would when always wondering while being in America. Even made friends down there. So now that i’m back in America I’ve been looking to applying for jobs again since it’s reaching towards the summer time. I’m not sure if the Teaching life is for me, but I do think it’s a good start to learning Japanese and getting use to everyday life. Now it’s June and summer time and I still haven’t still succeeded in finding that job. Help.png

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