The Inside Japan Podcast – Job Hunting Advice from Charlie from Live Work Play Japan

Charlie has helped many people get jobs in Japan, and accordingly he knows a thing or two about a thing or two about finding work in Japan. On this episode he shares from valuable advice about all aspects of finding work: Resume, Interview, Networking, and a lot more. Enjooooy.

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Surviving the Japanese Winter



  • 02:35 – Intro – What Charlie Does in Japan
  • 03:55 – How do you improve your resume as a teacher?
  • 08:10 – What do you think is the best way to start a career in Japan?
  • 13:00 – Most common resume mistakes
  • 16:10 – Are University Teaching jobs the best teaching jobs to get in Japan?
  • 18:20 – Interview Advice
  • 20:30 – Questions to ask your interviewers
  • 23:05 – How to know if a school is good or bad

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