(Podcast) The End of Direct Hire ALTs?

This week I go over the changes coming to the ALT world, and what it might mean for Direct Hire ALTs, and the entire industry in general.


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  1. MY English School

    One thing to keep in mind is that while direct-hire ALT’s haven’t typically had bonuses, their monthly salaries have tended to be much higher than those of Japanese teachers. For example, after being on the JET Program at ¥300,000/month I took a direct-hire position at a private high school, but they put me on the standard Japanese pay schedule, with bonuses and other stipends, at the rate of a fourth-year yearly-contract teacher. As a result, my monthly pay went down to ¥210,000/month, but I received 4.5 months of pay in bonuses and a few other small stipends. If you averaged my total yearly pay package over 12 months, I was making about ¥295,000/month. In other words, a JET teacher, even without bonuses and other stipends, makes slightly more than a fourth-year, fully licensed high school teacher including all of their bonuses and stipends, at least at the school where I worked. Most direct-hire ALTs make a similar salary, I believe. Of course monthly salaries are going to go down if bonuses and other stipends have to be paid.

  2. Greg Simonds

    You say that ALT should only be a temporary job, and people need to realize that they need to move on to something else. Why would you say this? Are you one of those people that believes people should go through life as you go through life? If someone truly loves what they do, and desires nothing more than what they are currently doing, then why should they do something different? Maybe for some people, being an ALT resonates with them on a spiritual level. Many people go through life never finding that one career that resonates with their mind and soul, and if someone does then they should continue doing that, regardless of what that job may be.

    1. ALTINSIDER Author

      Very good points. If being ALT is what you want to do and find joy in (and hopefully it provides enough to sustain your lifestyle), there is zero reason to change that. For most, it just doesn’t do that ‘sustain your lifestyle’ part that well for a very long time.

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