Taking Japanese Lessons in Tokyo – Japan Switch

So you’ve decided that this year is the year you get your Japanese up to a decent level.

Well done! You’re already ahead of most foreigners who don’t invest in their language abilities, a serious long-term advantage in Japan. So now what?

There is just no substitute for in-person lessons and communication practice. You can try your luck with the local ward office lessons, but you’ll often end up with sub-par teachers.

The thing is that getting lessons at one of the big name Japanese schools will cost you an arm and a leg, plus a kidney and a little slice of your liver too!

An awesome and new option just opened up in Shinjuku, Tokyo – Japan Switch!

  • 1500 yen for 50 minute group lessons
  • 3000 yen for 50 minute private lessons
  • Monthly contracts and not a stupid 10 lesson plan that locks you in even if you end up with a teacher you aren’t learning from.
  • Morning and noon lessons
  • No sign up fees or hidden fees of any kind. Just pay for your class and get your Japanese up.

How do you know if it will be any good? Japan Switch is collaborating with Coto Academy (one of the most reputable Japanese schools in Tokyo) to deliver their lessons. You’ll be getting trained real Japanese teachers, not just volunteers.

Click here to learn more and get a free level check and consultation.

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