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We at are news junkies and the results are in. We have found a winner for best news site for Japan, and it is Here is why:

1.  All Bases Covered: You get the news from all the major sources like JapanTimes, JapanToday, NHK, The Japan News and some of the cooler lesser know sites like the Tokyo Reporter.

2. No pay wall: If I need the information for my job and the company is paying for it, I am very willing to pay for quality content.  I am sorry Japan Times, but I am not going to pay 3,000 yen per month for news that I can get elsewhere for free. Oh, and if you are going to charge me, I do not want to be distracted by banner advertisements.

3. Easy to navigate.  I just want the news on an easy to read and easy to navigate site.  I don’t want huge images and difficult to navigate columns.  Just the news.

4. Better aggregator than Google. The editors at News on Japan take the top stories in each category and give you all the news that you need to know.  I am sure Google has some fancy algorithms in place to decide the news, but it still does not match a professional editor.

5. Video: After the articles NewsonJapan adds a news views that they have found on the story. Often the video is in Japanese but you can get a deeper understanding of the story.

6. Best of Japan-focused blogs:  Not only do they give you the news but they scrape hundreds of blog sites and categorize that content as there are some great content written by our fellow foreigners here in Japan. is free and our favorite news site. We just thought you would want to know about this site and to download their smartphone app.

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