School for Sale in Osaka!

We’ve found a school for sale, so if you’re looking to get into business for yourself, you can skip the first two rungs on the ladder and get started with a school that already has 40 students!!!

Some details for you:

Asking price for the school: ¥850,000

Nearby Station: Izumiotsu (Nankai Line)

The school is growing and has 40 students. Currently, it is open four days a week from Tuesday to Friday but can be opened up to seven days a week if you want. There is ample room for expansion of classes and hours, so there is great potential for increased future income.

The school is in a great location only 2 minute’s walk from Izumiotsu Station (Nankai Line). The students are a mix of adults, HS, JHS, and elementary school kids and all the students are easy to work with and friendly. School days usually start from mid-late afternoon and run until 10pm, with Wednesday being the busiest day of the week.

An opportunity to get out of the grind and start building your own thing!

It could also work for people looking to do evening classes while having another source of income, keeping it light until you decide to grow it to a full-time business. All training, materials, furnishings, classroom, and office location are included in the price.

If you’re interested in purchasing this school, get in touch!

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