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About AtoZ Corporation

AtoZ is a company which specializes in teaching a high standard of English and also offering a service to introduce foreign language teachers to local schools in the area. We currently employ over 60 foreign teachers from all over the world. Apart from English, we offer classes in Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean. We also offer cultural support to all our employees.

Our teams are;
<ALT Department> We are working with 59 full-time and part-time ALTs (Assistant Language Teacher) at public schools all over Nagano prefecture.
◆What is an ALT? An ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in theory is an assistant to the language teacher in the public school system. Some ALTs are asked to take lead roles in the class, others assist by the use of effective communicative activities geared to use the language by giving it purpose. Positions are full-time Senior High, Junior High, Elementary, or Nursery School posts; Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 – 17:00.
<Language Schools> We have two language schools, in Matsumoto city and Okaya city. Students are from 3yo to adults, and we offer conversation classes for English, Spanish, French, Korean and Chinese. We also have classes targeted for TOEIC exams.
<Corporate Training> We send English teachers to local business organisations to train workers with TOEIC exams and to prepare expats to local language/culture. We also offer Global Business Communication seminars. Tranlation/Interpretation service is also available upon request.

We accept applications throughout a year, and if you are interested, please send your resume from our company website at

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