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About Berry English International Culture Centre

Berry English International Culture Centre is a small, family run International Preschool and English conversation school for children aged 2-12yrs.

We are located a 15 minute bus ride from Kawagoe Station in Saitama in a semi-rural area with a forest nearby and a few different parks and surrounded by farming areas.

We opened our doors in 2014 and started our first Preschool class in 2016. We are a school that puts the children's development first and we strive to create an enjoyable environment for teachers, children and their parents. 

Our curriculum is based on the UK's EYFS system which is easy to follow even if you don't have experience with it and is supplemented with an English reading and writing tailored curriculum.

We want teachers who want to teach, we will give you all the support, structure or freedom you need as long as it fits our idea of teaching children through experiencing new things in English and using positive reenforcement to enhance their own strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses.

We are looking for a specific type of teacher: fun, kind and full of energy. A teacher who likes to see the world through the children's eyes and share in their new experiences.

We will bend over backwards to help the right teacher but we expect loyalty, reliability and 110% in return.

We are a modern, forward thinking school and are always excited to try new things and hear new ideas. This is not like most schools you may have experience with here in Japan. 

We are an equal opportunities employer. However, we would not hire a pianist to teach football so if your English is not 100% please do not apply and please do not be offended if we turn you down.

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