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Computec Engineering History

In July, 1991, Computec Engineering was founded. We set out with a mission to make Computec the top network systems integrator for the international community in Japan. Thankfully, with the help of our clients, partners, and our employees, Computec Engineering has been in operation and supporting our clients for close to 20 years. Our roots are in Japan with our five branches extending through-out Asia and our reach extends to all parts of the world. We have built Computec on the philosophy of providing high-end multi-lingual IT solutions and support for our clients. We believe that our clients' time is important and with the right technical solutions, we give our clients the competitive edge to compete in the international environment, while allowing them to focus on their core business. We have done this by always investing in our employees so that we could provide highly qualified, experienced, and certified multi-lingual engineers, programmers, and project managers.

Computec's excellent reputation and growth has been established largely from the recommendations of our clients and our partners. Today, we have over 1,000 clients that come from a wide variety of various industries including: financial services, medical, retail, communications, higher education, government, and more than 80% of the multi-national law firms and 100% of the large domestic Japanese law firms.

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Multi-lingual Experience

Computec Engineering's impressive range of clientele, coupled with our certified and experienced bilingual engineers, software engineers and cabling installation and management specialist, makes us a familiar with the needs of any company. Our expertise extends far beyond the needs of just the legal community, we can be counted on to provide the same level of excellence to companies involved in finance, asset management, electronics, pharmaceuticals, advertising, trading, and electronics to mention a few.

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Global Reach

Computec Engineering supports many of our multinational clients in Japan plus in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, the United States and Europe as well. We are familiar with Multilanguage platforms, knowledgeable about local and cultural differences in business practices all combining to make us your best answer for project management system integrator and roll out management regardless of your office location.


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