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About CW Global Partners

Our Story

Our leadership team consisting of Managing Partners Hernel Beltejar, and Christopher Won came from a varied background of business experiences with each based in geographical locations that allows CW Global Partners to have a global presence.  Upon identifying the ever growing potential and need of NetSuite as an ERP, the team formed CW Global Partners to provide companies all around the world with an encompassing one stop solution for all their NetSuite needs.  Headquartered in the Manila, Philippines, we house an ever-growing team of bright, experienced technical and functional consultants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the utmost professional NetSuite services experience driven by a desire to produce deliverables of the highest standards.  As such, our entire team is committed to exuding passion for our customers and providing their individual expertise to any project we undertake while operating in an open, collaborative manner.

Our Values & Culture

CW Global Partners has a culture guided by respect, professionalism, transparency, and collaboration.  Besides a commitment to the customer, we have a definitive commitment to making sure our team works collaboratively and selflessly while fostering an environment that allows each member to allow their individual traits to shine.

As an organization that often works in small teams, we encourage every team member to speak out discuss any feedback they have and generally be open minded.  Constructive debates and new ideas are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.  Seeking and accepting feedback leads to an environment of continued learning & growth both personally and professionally.

We work in communicative but also autonomous teams.  As such, you will have ownership and empowerment with your role.  In giving trust to each team member, the expectation is to be comfortable with the freedom we foster.  With this comes responsibility and accountability for the value you create for the team and our clients.

We also realize that we are all human.  While we expect the utmost accountability and professionalism, we also promote a work/life balance.  Beyond a work structure that isn’t completely rigid, we often host team building activities and events outside of the work environment where you are encouraged to be yourself and become familiar with other members of the team.

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