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D2D Logis (door-to-door logistics) is a transportation and logistics company operating throughout the Tokyo Metropolitan Area of Japan. Our main focus is the small parcel (up to 30 kg) delivery segment, delivering to customers on behalf of our client companies.

Our drivers are currently serving numerous communities delivering everything from supplies to online purchases, delivering for some of Japan’s largest companies. We are proud to be the first and only delivery services organization in Japan that is founded and staffed by a multicultural, multilingual team and have been delivering since 2019.

We value teamwork, reliability, innovation, being proactive, effective communication, constant improvement. Our short term goal is to secure 150 delivery routes by the end of 2023 while our long term goal is to make a positive impact on the entire delivery industry through implementation of new innovations that improve not just performance, but helps make this line of work more attractive to job seekers.

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