English Owl Academy is a place for learning while having fun.

Our goal is to offer to all our learners an environment in which they can build a better future by growing their confidence in English language.

At our school we believe that in order to succeed in English it is necessary to develop all aspects of learning in a balanced way. Therefore, in our curriculums we integrate the four language skills equally. At the same time  bringing up into the light the cultural and ethical  aspects of the English language.


For many years we have been focusing in teaching students of elementary, junior high  and high school. We have had many successes.

In 2016 we introduced a new course: the kinder class (3-6 years old). Working with small learners has been very rewarding for us. Because it is very fortunate to see how in just one year the children grow not only physically but also in the amazing capacity of memorizing a new language which is English .

We strive to build a friendly relationship not only with our students but also with their parents. We often encourage parents, to practice English songs or dialogs together with their children. In that way the parents can understand their children desire and willingness to not only know English but also have the feeling of ones with their parents.

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