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Global Talent for Today and the Future!

GDI stands for Global – Drive – Innovation. These words are at the heart of GDI Communications (GDI). Our aim to provide GPODs (Global People on Demand) is not just for the benefit of our clients, but also for the benefit of our Employees, the GPODs themselves. Through learning, developing, and growing together, both on a professional and personal level, all parties involved will be headed down a path to success.

GLOBAL is keeping “the world as a whole” in our mind, we – at the heart of GDI – strive to be the bridging element that connects Japan to the world.

DRIVE is believing in the importance of “taking the initiative” and “inspiring motivation in others”, we are driven by the strong desire to continue on our way to offer support and guidance for the people around us

INNOVATION is aiming for “innovation” and “changes for improvement”, our employees continuously strive forward through individual learning, growing, and putting their skills into practice. In combining our efforts we are determined to further strengthen and enhance our client support.

COMMUNICATION is efficient and effective communication skills, which also is a key to success in this ever-changing global economy. True communication includes understanding and accepting different cultures and beliefs. It also requires the ability to listen to understand as opposed to listening to only reply.

Finally, after several years of revisions and transformations, GDI has aligned itself to provide high-quality products and services in the form of our GPODs. We pride ourselves on providing world-class communication and business skill training, international business consulting and support, staffing solutions for medium to high level IT professionals in programming, application development, system management, network management, etc. for the Japanese market.

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