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After several years of revisions and transformations, GDI Communications (GDI) has aligned itself to provide great products and services in Business Communication and Language Learning, IT Services and Outsourcing, Global Consulting, GPOD (Global People on Demand) Outsourcing, Internships, and Overseas Study Services and Support for the Japanese market.

GDI stands for Global – Drive – Innovation. These words are at the heart of what GDI is all about. Not just for small to medium-sized companies, but also every individual within these companies.

GLOBAL relates to Global People, Global Minded People, Global Expansion, and Global Outsourcing, which is the basis for success as we move into the future Global Economy.

DRIVE implies the desire to succeed and the passion to be and do one's best. It also pushes us to not give up in difficult and challenging situations and strive to reach our personal and professional goals for both company and clients.

INNOVATION implies the need to learn, grow and develop as Global People, both professionally and personally and create products and services based on our clients need the exceed their expectations and creates the Status Quo 

COMMUNICATION, both efficient and effective communication, along with CONFIDENCE and CONNECTIVITY, makeup GDI Communications' 3Cs of success and are the keys o success in this ever-changing global economy.

GDI has incorporated the above words and meanings in developing our Mission Statement. It includes verbiage that relates directly to the values and reasons for doing business, especially in our field of expertise. Our Mission Statement reads:

 "Through respect, mutual understanding and open communication, we earn the loyalty of both customers and staff and inspire global confidence and success."  
Furthermore, our Mantra “Global Success Through Communication & Innovation” sums up our goals for clients, staff and investors and provides a reason for us to do great work. Both the Mission Statement and Slogan provide all of us at GDI a base ideology to start from. It helps keep all members of staff and management on the same page and guides and directs us in making the best decisions for all involved with GDI.

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