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Happy Global Ltd. Japan is established in 1999. We run a language school and a cram school. We also support students to study abroad.

We are located in Iwade, Wakayama. (half an hour by car from Kansai International Airport / the biggest city in west Japan, Osaka is about an hour away by train)

If you are interested in Japan and Asian countries, our location is very ideal. It is possible to travel around Japan and in addition, our closest airport has a lot of LCC (low cost career / budget airline), so it is possible to fly Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong or other countries with low cost.

Our previous teacher says “Working in a small, friendly environment allows you to experience more of Japan and it’s people than would be possible otherwise. If you have an interest in Japan and a love of teaching, this job is ideal for you!”

We also have a furnished teacher’s house.

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