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About Lux PM

We are an engineering firm based in Seoul, South Korea. Founded in Canada in 2018, LuxPM has now expanded its territory in the Asia-Pacific region. Specializing in AI, Mobile and Web development as well as automation. We have worked with several fortune 500 companies across the globe.


Our vision is to be the most accessible and globalized software engineering firm in the Asia-Pacific region. We make it our goal to solve some of the most challenging problems existing in various industries at a reasonable cost and efficient timeline. Within our industry of problem solving, there is another type of challenge we are passionate about – globalization.

Being a global company is not an easy task, yet we are striving to be a company open to people from all walks of life. We make everyone feel welcome to work with us.

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Tokyo Office
C/O Global Village Media
1-7-20-B2 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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