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About Osaka YMCA International High School

Our School:
The Osaka YMCA was established in 1882, and since it’s inception, has been a leader in language education, college preparation, and health education. Osaka YMCA International High School (IHS) was founded in 1988 in order to further serve the communities’ needs for specialized multi-lingual education.
YMCA boasts a worldwide network of facilities in 119 countries our students have access to. Current programs consist of Hong Kong YMCA Study Tour, Taiwan YMCA Exchange Program (Taipei YMCA, Changua YMCA), Denmark Exchange Program (Eisbjerghus International Efterskole) and other programs throughout YMCA facilities in Asia.

Our Students:
The IHS student body is represented by a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, interests, and ideals.  We have students from throughout Japan as well as foreign countries whose language abilities in English and Japanese vary from beginner-level to fluent.
At IHS native Japanese, returnees, and international students, are in the same classes as students that have never been abroad, and even those recovering from truancy. In this atmosphere, students learn to respect each other by recognizing differences without focusing on them. We enjoy a low divide between freshmen and upperclassmen and encourage students from different grades to work together planning many of our school events.

Student's Voice:
"The YMCA IHS is a rather unique school, in many ways. It has some very interesting traits that no other schools have, including close relationships between teachers and students, an easy-going schedule and a large selection of interesting elective classes. In this school, you can enjoy different flavors English (and other languages as well), and work to improve your language skill. The school also has interesting activities including a trip to Rokko, Canada and Denmark, and many more. All of these are really interesting as well as important experiences for the students forming friendships, bonds and memories together."

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