About Pips・インターナショナルスクール

Pips Child College is an international preschool that uses innovative teaching methods in English, Japanese, and other languages. 
Developing children’s fundamental abilities, Pips is focused on educating children not only in academic knowledge but also global communication abilities. 
Pips is continually challenging new methods of education depending on each child’s personality and ability. 
For more information, please reference the Pips website. 

【Business Contents】

– Teach children, using the Pips education methods in English 
– Program planning and execution (programs with music and dance, etc)
– Plan seasonal and traditional events
– English education for Day classes and After classes
– Otherwise, childcare support
– Update SNS feeds on Blog, Facebook, and other SNS services

Even if it is your first time, please be comfortable.

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Preschool English Instructor

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