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About Platon Consulting Services

We are a boutique consulting firm in the heart of the dynamic and intricate Japanese economy.

Japan is without a doubt one of the most loyal and rewarding markets in the world. But it is certainly not an easy market to conquer. Its unique culture, stringent level of expectations, fierce competition, lofty operational costs and intricate personal networks to name just a few, are challenging entry barriers to any corporation, regardless of its size or field of activity. Platon Consulting will help you develop a cost-effective strategy to successfully enter the market without having to commit to long-term organizational expenses.

Because every company is faced with a different set of challenges when entering this market (depending on its technology, products, services and/or business model), we offer a flexible customised service ranging from the definition of the best-suited strategic approach, representing your company in its negotiations and interactions with local partners, to offering guidance and support through the establishment process.


  • Market visit agenda (organization, guidance and interpretation)

  • Business centre with customised services in modern facilities

  • Market research

  • Representative office agreement

  • Identification of potential partners

    • Import, distribution or franchise agreements

    • Licensing agreements for OEM manufacturing

    • Joint ventures

  • Establishment of 100% owned subsidiary

  • Legal, financial and HR advice

  • Intellectual property registration


  • Strategic marketing plans

  • Digital strategy design and development

  • Accounting and payroll services

  • HR development and training programs


  • Promotion campaigns

  • Sourcing and quality control

  • Communication and public relations campaign

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