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MEET NEW GROUPS. Make new friends

Prebo is the favorite older brother of an Argentinean classic.

“The passion for “gatherings” gave origin to Previando, an app that reunited thousands of young people in 2015 who had one thing in common: they wanted to have fun. With a disruptive model, it intended to match different groups of friends in the same area using interest-based filters. In just 2 years, Previando achieved its goal and managed to become top of mind in the industry of friend gatherings. After the great success of its predecessor, Prebo seeks to broaden horizons by fostering group gatherings in real life with more groups, new features, 17 languages, and new regions such as Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Europe. Whether you are trying to meet new groups in your area, having fun on vacation with your friends, or just starting school, Prebo is a great option to find new people to hang out.”

Our Mission

Create a platform where groups of friends can MAKE NEW FRIENDS

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“By foreigners for foreigners”
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