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About Ryozan Park Preschool

Ryozan Park Preschool combines a private offices, coworking and Ryozan Park Preschool, offering full-time curriculum-based preschool education in English supporting entrepreneurs and working parents providing a collaborative living and work-life balance in the area.  Take a look for yourself to see if you want to be work in such an environment.



1. Safety and kindness first. Always.
2. Play-based learning.

We believe that children should be allowed to be children.

We respect their choices and physical space, which means we do not force toilet training or demand eating 100% of their lunch. We do not employ punitive strategies such as isolation (time outs), shouting, withholding, shaming or threatening. We are not dismissive of children’s emotions but introduce tools for naming and understanding feelings. We are guardians and guides, not disciplinarians. Our job is to establish trust with each individual and to teach safety, self-care and concern for others.

• Our Presence conveys messages of peace, protection, and caring
• Our Hands convey messages of connection, support, and kindness
• Our Words convey messages of encouragement, respect, and nurturing
• Our Eyes convey messages of warmth, reassurance and understanding

We believe that play is a child’s work; learning should always be enjoyable and age-appropriate.

As evidenced in Finland’s school system, which is ranked among the world’s best and does not introduce literacy until the age of seven, early introduction of formal study doesn’t equate to smarter children. We will never test your child or train them to be show ponies. You will recognise your child’s progress as they start to speak and understand English, singing songs from school in the bath; when they tell you about the crafts they bring home and all the fun facts about dinosaurs, oceans and houses they learn through curriculum-based, structured play. We want your child to feel as comfortable, safe and happy learning at Ryozan Park as they do playing at home.

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