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About Shiryudoh Studio

Shiryudoh is located in a quiet residential area of Kakinokizaka.

Jiyuugaoka is right by the station, easy to access, and is a wonderfully busy shopping district.

While busy areas are nice as well, we believe that great ideas can be born from a quiet environment, and clients can feel relaxed and calm while getting a tattoo. It was because of this belief that we moved here.

The studio is built from various types of wood from trees all over Japan. Inside are numerous small items from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
They all combine to create a studio with a calming, oriental feel.

Also, at Shiryudoh we don’t call our works “tattoos” or “irezumi”.
We are walking a new path known as “Sai Ten” – a blend of the influences of the tattoo cultures overseas, and the traditional irezumi culture of Japan.
To clad the body with vibrant patterns. That is Sai Ten.

“There’s no where else like this in the world”. At Shiryudoh we value this type of originality, and strive everyday to keep this unique world-view.
No matter where you are in the world, we will always be waiting right here.

If you think you are interested in seeing us at Shiryudoh, please don’t hesitate to come by the studio anytime.

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