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(DRAFT, 3/10/2021)


Aloha!  Do you have a passion for people and teaching?  If so, we’d love to invite you to become a member of the Spyglass Kids English teaching team!  Our English school is expanding very quickly and we are hiring for the first time.  We are looking for two (2) English teachers who can create a warm and friendly experience for our students for our weekday and Saturday classes.   


Position Details:

Teach an average of 3-10 hours per week.  Teacher must be punctual, reliable, and cooperative.  Prior teaching experience (at least 1 year) and some basic Japanese are required.


Contract Type: Part-Time

# of Positions: Two (2) 

Contract Term: 6-month recurring

Salary: Depends on experience

Travel Expenses: Covered 

Start Date: ASAP

Children/Pre-teen (6-12 years old)

Teens (10-19 years old)

Probation Period 1 month training

Training Yes (paid)


Our goal is to make learning English an exciting adventure and our teaching team will work hard to ensure that our students & parents know they are welcomed and cared for.  Some responsibilities may include:

  • Teaching using our textbooks, workbooks & flashcards 
  • Teaching the alphabet & phonics
  • Singing & playing games 
  • Working in teams to accomplish teaching goals
  • Hosting seasonal events for students & parents 
  • Creating classroom signage to inform and delight students and parents

You’ll learn a lot and you won’t be stuck doing one task here. Each teacher and staff member contributes to creating a WOW student experience by participating in all aspects of the job.

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