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About Squideo English Academy

Teaching English in Japan should be a one of a kind experience! At Squideo, our instructors use a totally original method that is not only highly effective–it’s incredibly fun!  We use the Lackner method of teaching which makes you read a certain passage again and again, without having a native speaker present,  until the mispronunciation is fossilized in your brain.  This keeps our students coming back as they will always need help communicating.

SEA was founded in 1994 and our client base is diverse, including children of all ages, adults, international corporate companies, and even world-renown actors and singers. Our 8 schools are situated mainly in Fukuoka and other parts of Kyushu.

The preschool’s program goals are:

  • To teach native conversational English but also developing personal and social skills, general education, and daily life skills.
  • To Promote self confidence and reliance, manners, teamwork and curiosity about the world around them, are taught through various activities such as games, role-plays music (song and dance), arts, and crafts, computer, books, classroom discussion sessions, video/DVD and outside classroom activities to name a few.
  • To raise globally oriented Japanese children with an interest and tolerance for different cultures focusing on creativity and individuality.
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