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About Stones2Milestones Education Services Pvt Ltd

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A rapidly growing Ed-tech company that focuses on making children between ages of
3-10 get better at English Reading and Communication – the most critical skills for the future, and those that can help them access equal opportunities

⚡ Some cred

Funded Ed-tech start-up, 60k+ Paid Users, #1 in ‘New Apps we Love 2019’ on Apple Store, Stanford University Case study (MBA ‘22 batch), 4.7+ rating on Apple Store, 200k active user-children across 1200 top schools. We work directly with top publishers (HarperCollins, Penguin)

About Stones2Milestones:

Stones2Milestones is on a mission to ‘Create a Nation of Readers’, gifting children the will and skill to read in English. We have created Asia’s most premier reading program for children of ages 3-9 and are currently impacting over 200,000 children in 110 schools across 50+ cities.
A significant part of this reading program is the fREADom mobile app. The award-winning app, which parents and children use at home to bond over reading, has over 1500 stories, activities and news pieces for children to read and enjoy.

The team believes that by helping children to ‘Learn to Read’ in elementary years,
they enable them to ‘Read to Learn’ during formal education and eventually ‘Read to Lead’ in their chosen paths, helping them find their place in the world. Today, we are leveraging our technology platforms to grow our mission across three axes- age, geography and stakeholders.

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