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About Tokyo Coding Club

Tokyo Coding Club (TCC) is an education company that offers programming, robotics and digital arts classes to students ages 4~18. We have a classroom that is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo where we teach year-round but also work with international schools in providing after-school & weekend programs for their students. Our mission is simple, it is to create mind-blowing tech experiences that inspire students to create the future.

The club aims for students to unleash their passion and creativity through computer science and the digital arts. Instead of being passive consumers of technologies, they can become active creators of tomorrow’s world.

Currently with about a hundred regular students, we work alongside top international schools and offer a range of tech courses that include coding, robotics, game development, design, animation, and more! For our younger students, TCC incorporates educational and kid-friendly games for their coding classes, and the latest robotic sets for their robotics classes in order to make their learning experience fruitful. The classes are held without a rigidly structured curriculum and are instead taught in small groups, helping to keep the learning environment more intimate and easier for students to ask questions while they continue to learn and develop.

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