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English EGG
7F, 665 Gonghangdae-ro, Gangseo-gu,
Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82 10 7723 1617
Web Site: http://www.englishegg.com/en/

Company Description:

English EGG is an English acqusition program for young childen that uses storybooks, songs, and play as a batural and easy first approach to learning English.

[No.1 English Educational Market Leader]
It took 7 years for EnglishEGG to become the market leader in Korea where the most fierce English education market in the world exists. We could grow so fast because the customers had belief in the effectiveness of our program. 

[EML : English as Mother Language approach]
Not like the other companies, we focus on forming English environment for our kids to be exposed to English naturally like they did when they learned their mother language.

Our goal is help children express themselves in English in their daily lives.

To fulfill this goal, we picked out 96 episodes about childrens daily lives - episodes like Mommy look at me, Baking Time, I'm not sleepy.

After then, we carried out these episodes into Books, Songs, Videos. - every episodes has 1book, 3songs, 3videos. Plus, we invested 3 times more on our contents because we want to give the best to our children, just like we want to feed our baby organic food. We choose the most beautiful paintings for books, used more than 30 voice actors when other companies use only 4~5, composed and recorded our song in broad way in NY, build up our own studio for the video.
This is why kids emmerse into our products, just memorize the episodes and start speaking english in their daily lives.

If you agree with our mission and value, please get on board!

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