British Hills Co., Ltd.

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British Hills Co., Ltd.
1-8 Shibakusa, Tarao, Tenei Village.
Iwase District, Fukushima, Japan

Phone: 0248-85-1335
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British Hills is set among the forested Hatori Natural Park, Fukushima, 1000 metres above sea level. Among this 60-acre village is a Victorianesque manor house, a traditional tea room, and eight guest houses based on the English architectural styles of the twelfth to eighteenth centuries.

The Sano Educational Foundation established British Hills in 1994, the owners of two prominent educational establishments, Kanda Institute of Foreign languages and Kanda University of International Studies.

British Hills was initially set up to provide students with a venue and an opportunity to receive international training. Today, however, the institute opens its doors to anyone who would like to experience British craft, culture and cuisine; we are always pleased to accommodate groups of pupils and students, business clients and private guests.

Thorough historical research was carried out before British Hills was constructed, thus ensuring an authentic British environment; from the buildings, furnishings and finely detailed interiors, right down to the original red telephone kiosk and pillar box. The eight guest houses were even designed and built in England before they were shipped here (piece-by-piece) and reassembled.
We have more than 30 staff members from various commonwealth English-speaking countries - some are also fluent in Japanese.

British Hills has a similar climate to the Highlands of Scotland, and even the fog of our summer nights and early mornings is reminiscent of Great Britain. The average temperature throughout the year is about 12° Celsius. It stays mild during the summer but in the winter, the village is covered with a picturesque blanket of beautiful white snow.

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Company:British Hills Co., Ltd.
Location:Iwase District, Fukushima
Salary:JPY 900 - per hour
Posted:May 08, 2019
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