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Creative Staff Co., Ltd
1-26-10 Nakagawachuo Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama Kangawa
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

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The mission of Creativestaff is to match teachers and private schools in order to create stable working relationships.
Our team works with private schools to define the kind of teacher that is best for them.
We then take these job details and ask our members who would like to apply.
If you meet all the requirements you may be offered an interview and a job.
All of the contracts we deal in are direct hire.

There is a whole range of positions available through our system.
Anything from a few years of experience up to teachers with a teaching license.
The kind of position we introduce you to depends on the range and breadth of your experience and education.

Creating an ETAS-net profile opens possibilities for you.
With a profile we can start introducing you to new work opportunities.
As a subsidiary company of Nichinoken Kanto we receive many opportunities to meet with private schools.
It is possible that your career will advance with our support.
We hope to be of service to you.

-You can receive current employment vacancies as they become available
-You can select from various Private school openings
-You will also be notified of job opportunities throughout the year such as intensive courses and school events
-You could work at schools in Full time, Part time or Semi-Full time positions depending of your contract
-You will be directly hired by the schools
-You will be based at either one school or a group of schools depending on your contract
-NO registration fee

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