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1-19-28 Minami Oizumi
Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Phone: 03-3924-3853
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How the ETC-eikaiwa works.

We are pleased to give you an outline of how the ETC-eikaiwa works. Approximately one hundred and forty instructors, who are all native speakers living in and around Tokyo, join our club on a part-time basis to teach conversational English to Japanese people at the instructor’s house. When we have new students, we choose suitable instructors by the conditions requested by the student such as area, time of lesson, and the instructor’s background, Students usually prefer an instructor who lives with his/her family, so that they can expect to have more opportunities to see the real life of native speakers and to hear English words in a natural setting.

Our venture is not large enough to provide sponsorship for a working visa in Japan. We don’t find living accommodations for our instructors either in their own apartment or with students. Our instructors are currently living in Tokyo, and by their own means, can accommodate teaching English in their homes.

Teachers should be prohibited from making direct contact with their students for business purposes by any means including calling, posting, and emailing, without having prior consent of students, and ETC as well. These means should be provided only for lesson-related purposes, or greetings.

When you have a chance to work in Tokyo and have any available time for our students, you can dial (03)3924-3853 for additional information. We are always open for instructors and students.


Tetsuya Fukumoto

※Our name ”ETC” stands on our old name “English Telephone Club”.

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Company:ETC Co., LTD
Salary:2,800 - 5,000 per hour
Posted:Sep 27, 2018
ETC Eikaiwa is a flexible and enjoyable way to teach.  Teach in a relaxing setting with a very short commute!  Servicing language learners in Tokyo, ETC Eikaiwai is looking for part-time English instructors.  We have approximately 140 teachers preferring our system of teaching conversational English to Japanese people at the...