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(Podcast) Climbing the Ladder w/ Andy from Interac

This week I talk with Andy, a person that started as an ALT with Interac and has done much more through his many steps up the corporate ladder of the company. Thanks to Interac and Andy for this!

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  • 02:22 – All about Andy’s current position
  • 05:10 – Andy started as a normal ALT, but then got assigned to a “high level” school
  • 10:01 – Is it OK to use Japanese in the classroom?
  • 15:20 – Making the jump from Managing Coordinator to Company Managing Coordinator
  • 18:50 – Getting starting in the Communications side of Interac/ A Normal day for Andy
  • 25:20 – 5-Year guaranteed contracts?
  • 30:00 – What’s the workload lof an Interac ALT like in 2019?
  • 33:00 – What do you think of Interac’s online public image?
  • 36:11 – Final Advice

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