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About FLIR Systems

At FLIR, we have a simple but ambitious mission: to develop market-leading thermal and sensing technologies which enhance everyday life. From saving energy, to saving lives FLIR is making a real difference in our world.

Our products are used in a wide array of situations to rescue people in danger, detect criminals, conserve energy, navigate safely, provide security around the globe, and protect our environment.
We are looking for individuals who thrive on making an impact and want the excitement of being on a team that wins.
FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions (IIS), a division of FLIR systems, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, addresses mainly 2 growing markets: Machine vision for the largest part of our activities, and People Analytics.
Regarding Machine Vision: we provide to machinery manufacturers or system integrators imaging products and solutions that are used for quality inspection, measurement, traceability, vision guided automation, and intelligent traffic systems. Regarding People Analytics: we are currently focused on Retail Analytics, and we provide imaging products and solutions that are used to measure retail customers traffic, customers queuing time, customers flows in the retail space; Essentially our People Analytics products help to replicate the equivalent of web analytics in the physical world.

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