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About Happy English Club / Hisaya International Preschool.
Happy English Club
Hisaya International Preschool
Company Values


  • We better our student’s lives and open new opportunities through education.
  • We care about our students.
  • We use teaching methods that teach relevant and retainable skills.
  • We inspire our students by believing in them.
  • We learn from our students and co-workers.
  • We strive to help each student reach his or her full potential.

Teamwork and Personal Responsibility:

  • We work as a team to reach our goals.
  • We focus on finding solutions and accept responsibility for our work.
  • We work smart and we learn from the mistakes we make.
  • We treat others with respect.
  • We acknowledge high performance of those who do more than is called for.
  • We encourage ownership of tasks and leadership.

Innovation, Efficiency and Creative Problem Solving:

  • We strive to better ourselves and are committed to continually improving.
  • We seek out and use best processes, procedures and activities that add value.
  • We prioritize our work to reach our short, mid and long term company goals.
  • We innovate and find new solutions when we are stuck on a problem.
  • We are willing to take chances on new ideas and ways of doing business.
  • We use established practices and processes that work well and are constantly trying to improve them.

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  • 住所 Happy English Club, Hishita Kaikan 2F, Higashi Sakura 1-9-3, Higashi ku