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About Hope Sprouts

Hope Sprouts is a small international Montessori environment with Christian values and a strong focus on healthy child development practices. We opened in 2019 and are currently in our third year of operation. The building was built in 2019 so it is still quite new.

We offer a full suite of Montessori materials and guidance for children in the preschool and kindergarten age groups. Our youngest members are one year old and our oldest are five years old. Each child develops independence through learning to care for himself/herself, for his/her belongings, for the environment, and for others. Great emphasis is placed on grace and courtesy, respect for one’s self and for others, and on maintaining a peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy their work.

While many schools talk about learning through play Montessori environments talk about work. The children are encouraged to exercise freedom through choosing the work that they like, sitting down with it, and focusing on doing it. This promotes independence, focus, and problem solving skills as the children interact with the didactic materials.

All lunches are prepared on site. Great care has been taken to source food that is free from chemicals (as much as possible). The meat and fish we serve is not given antibiotics. There are always vegetables served with each lunch. Healthy food is the foundation of healthy development and we take this very seriously.

If you are passionate about helping young children develop into amazing adults then this will be your ideal work place.

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