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About Hoste Solutions

HostE Solutions , a fully licensed recruitment agent by Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia (License Number : JTK2132). We specialise in providing 4-5 star hotel jobs and active in Asia Pacific (Macau, Singapore, Maldives, China, Malaysia..)

Founded by Australians and Malaysians, we have established since 2005. We have made recruitment active and sent thousands of candidates across Macau, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Maldives, Dubai – that offer high growth of 5-Star hotels services.

Our on-going industrial visits to the countries in Asia Pacific – Australia, Singapore, Macau, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong provide us tremendous insight about the market trend of the hospitality/hotel industry, cultures, the standard of living, expected lifestyle. All these have helped us to present overseas hotel jobs and bridging the gap of understandings for the Employers and Employees. This contributed to significant placement success rate and Employees’ adjustment process to their new job and environment.

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