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About Innofoods

Hi there, our company who is based in Vancouver, Canada is looking for sales rep in Japan who can speak Japanese. The event will take place for 4 days (from 9-12 March) in Makuhari Messe, prefer some local nearby this area for ease of transportation.

The responsibilities of this role are:

• Introducing our companies products to visitors during the event

• Collect contact information from business buyers

• Organizing the event ( display products, decorate the booth,..)

• Report the feedbacks from customers on our products • Etc.

Benefits: • Attractive salary (wages will be offered based on your experience and profile, can be discussed further during the interview)

• Bonus if you do a good job during the event ( also will be discussed further during the interview)

If it sounds like something you can ace, please give us some message and I will get back to you asap. Thank you for your time!


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