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About InStat

InStat is a worldwide leader in sports performance analysis for professional leagues, clubs, players and media in football, futsal, basketball, and ice hockey. Among our clients are over 1600 sports clubs, including almost all of the worldwide top clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Juventus and Bayern Munich. We also work tightly with Irish football clubs, e.g. Cork City and Limerick FC, as well as with the Republic of Ireland National Football Team. Our advantage is in simple but at the same time deep statistical analysis. The unique program of match episodes registration allows to carry out a serious analytical work in online mode. We know how to treat football statistics. Consultations of InStat Football specialists allow to analyze deeper own team actions and to prepare more attentively for the next match. We collaborate not only with football clubs but also with mass media representatives promptly sharing the most interesting statistical information. We allows fans to follow matches online,using easy launch and the most up-to-date web application – match-centre. Constantly growing database of players allows our clients to study football all over the world, staying in office. Our program InStat Scout is the handiest instrument for a quick, serious and attentive scouting work. In several minutes the program allows to find and watch video with the proper player which a scout is looking for.

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