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Modern English

Modern English started in 1998 as a small school at the CEO’s home. Since then, through hard work, we have developed 13 schools in Japan, and have also provided web schools and online schools. We have been developing our own curriculum for over 18 years to meet the needs of Japanese learners of English. We will guide you in learning English and help you improve your English. English is essential for working, traveling, talking with friends, finding employment, changing jobs, and maintaining a career that you have already spent a lot of money and time on. Modern English believes that learning English for a variety of purposes is very important. Especially in the recent recession, we offer a lesson and system that will satisfy each student from the standpoint of each student. Reasonable tuition and monthly fees are paid after the lesson of the month. We do not make any long-term and expensive contracts. If you are not satisfied with the content of the lesson, the system, and the price, you can leave the school at your own will. In addition, all of our teachers are well-trained and years of qualified teachers. Every time you come to the lesson, you will learn something new, such as new grammar points, new words, and wondering things.

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