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About Musashi International School Tokyo (MIST)

Musashi International School Tokyo (MIST) is an educational institution that is committed to providing a multifaceted and an international education, to nurture students to be ambitious and life-long learners.

The school believes that every child is a unique individual, and as such has a different learning style and personality. The school focuses on holistic learning with a balanced academic and human skills program. The school philosophy is to provide an environment of acceptance, promoting self-confidence, nurturing learning and creativeness. The school uses the immersion method of language teaching while offering a relaxed and fun-filled learning experience. Project based learning is part of the framework coupled with hands-on approach to understand various concepts. Public speaking skills are emphasized at all stages of learning.

The school is located in Mitaka-shi (Western Tokyo) and has over hundred children in Kindergarten to High School.

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