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About Solving Triangle

Solving Triangle Sdn Bhd is your one-stop employment solutions company. We
concentrate in providing E2E HR solutions. As a young & dynamic company operating
from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Solving Triangle is championed by dedicated
professionals with extensive network whose main aim is to bring personalized HR
workforce solutions to global corporations, SMEs & start ups in Malaysia.
At Solving Triangle, we deliver optimum plus a combined human capital solution based
on our client’s strategic objectives. With the wealth of the industry knowledge &
understanding of the client’s company culture, we possess the right approach to match
the right candidate to the right job.
Given that people are the greatest asset of an organisation, we trust that an employee
with the right skills and experience is essential for our clients’ success. Therefore, our
HR consultants will first determine our clients’ business nature, work culture and
detailed needs prior to endorsement and selection process to ensure that only
candidates with the best fit are designated for the jobs.
We also constantly innovate our solutions & technology to keep up with the evolving
employment market trends

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