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About TRT Global Solutions
TRT Global is a global IT Services company with revenue of $30M PA focus on delivering services globally across a wide range of IT Server storage and networking technologies such as IBM, Dell, HP, EMC, Oracle and Cisco.
The company delivers services for critical systems of global organizations as DHL, Alcatel Lucent UBS and BP while working with a range of local companies in from Australia Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the USA.

TRT has a corporate HR Policy offer only the minimum leave allowance as mandated by the government which the employment contract is execute in. This is irrespective of location or position at TRT.

The reason for this that we are recruiting personnel that are focused on the development of their careers by supporting our clients constantly changing requirements. We recruit for employees that view their career as the vehicle that:
  • Builds certainty for the individual in a world of constant uncertainty.
  • Gives them variety of experience in their lives.
  • Create deep professional relationships with clients and other employees.
  • Develops them as individuals that they wish to become.
  • Gives them the strongest sense of contribution to something greater than themselves.
TRT values these people to such an extent that we are willing to pay above market salaries to reward such an alignment between corporate culture and our employees.
If your leave allowance is important then it is natural that you would have a different alignment to those points listed above.
In conclusion if you currently have job conditions which offer above the statutory minimum in vacation leave and this is of value to you, then it is best to apply for companies other than TRT or stay in your current role.

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