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Global Leadership in ELL solutions…

World family is a leading provider of English language learning (“ELL”) products and services primarily targeted to children aged 0 to 5 in the Company’s existing Asian markets. The Company’s products and services are based on the World Family Method, a proprietary ELL method developed exclusively by the Company and its team of linguistics experts associated with Harvard University and other major U.S. universities.

The World Family Method is a unique approach to ELL that employs a combination of home learning materials, live events and other support services and activities.

All components of each of our ELL programs are interconnected and form a comprehensive and highly effective system of English language learning.

The value and effectiveness of the World Family Method is demonstrated by the extent of our success in our markets of Japan,Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. We have sold well over 500,000 sets of our ELL programs in those three markets, where we currently have over 90,000 members of our World Family Club through which we provide services that support the ELL experience delivered by our home study programs.

The strength of the World Family Method lies in the combination of the our robust portfolio of ELL products and our world-class supplementary ELL services, activities and events. Together, these present powerful learning synergies that effectively promote natural language acquisition in children. Utilizing our products and services, children readily acquire English language ability in a fun, natural and engaging way.

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