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OUR APPROACH 私たちのアプローチ

For the past decade, we have been working closely with many children’s homes in the Tokyo area to better understand each home’s needs, unique environments and the interests of their kids. Further, we continue to learn about the various challenges each home faces and try to determine how we can best work together to develop support solutions. It is important to note that without first understanding the dynamic of each home and getting to know the staff and children, we would not be able to create effective and lasting support programs. The other element to achieving our mission is engaging the local community – through volunteering their expertise and time – as well as specific financial donations across the different programs.

Our main areas of focus fall under Digital Literacy, Communications Development and Mentoring.

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過去10年間、私たちは都内各地の多くの児童養護施設と密接に協力して、それぞれのニーズ、ユニークな環境、そして子供たちの興味をよりよく理解してきました。 さらに、私たちは、各施設が直面するさまざまな課題について学び、克服するためにどのように協力し合うことができるかを判断できるよう努めています。 最初に施設の構成を理解し、スタッフと子供たちと関係を育まなければ、効果的で持続的な支援プログラムを作ることができないと理解しています。



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