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About Applus Mongolia

Applus+ Mongolia has been delivering recruitment solutions to Mongolia since 2006, when JDA Applus+ Velosi first began to service the market.

Today we enjoy established relationships with many of Mongolia's most recognised companies and are daily increasing our service provision to national and international companies alike. Our staff in Mongolia is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. Most have worked and studied overseas.

Our staff is focused on providing our clients with reliable, high quality personnel. To achieve this commitment to excellence, our Mongolian staff receive exceptional training and support.

Currently, the Mongolia office is engaged with businesses and organisations from diverse industries throughout the country and North-South East Asia, including Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Mining, Retail, Construction, Legal, IT and International NGOs.

Applus+ Mongolia adopted group management systems and was ISO accredited during 2013. This commitment to training and management systems made us the first Human Resource and Recruitment Agency in Mongolia to achieve this global standard. This is all about helping us to deliver higher service levels each day and ensuring the safety of all our staff.

The Applus+ group is an innovator in the provision of third party inspection, quality assurance, certification and testing services to the oil & gas sector.

Applus+ is renowned for quality service and strong client relationships and with 350 offices in 70 countries, spanning the USA, Malaysia, South Africa and the Middle East, it has the professional expertise and capacity to meet workforce and inspection service requirements around the world.

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