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What is our goal

Our goal is to maximize children’s possibilities.
English education in schools revolves entirely on “teaching to the test,” focusing on grammar and English-to-Japanese translation exercises, which are easy to grade and only prepare children for University entrance exams.
However, companies need someone who can use English in real life, not just score high on standardized tests.
We want to fill the educational gap between society and the current educational system (elementary to university). When our students graduate, they will have speaking/writing skills to communicate globally using English’s universal language.

How to make it happen

  • All English environment. We are also using our original materials. No Japanese during the lesson.
  • We would like students to think about their own idea rather than listen to the teacher’s lecture. We are providing communicative-style lessons and a curriculum for any level of students. The role of the teacher is not actually teaching but leading students to speak out and pull out their own opinion without any hesitation.
  • We have our own original program to make their English life to be their habit. We have Japanese trainers who are going to track and support their weekly training. Students need to do home training every day. (Writing practice, Online communication lesson, Grammar, and reading), and we encourage them to keep their motivation and have a conversation to resolve their issue to keep their training continuously.

Our Students

Age Range: 7 to 20 years old (Elementary to University students, but mainly 6 to 13 years old beginner students)
English skills: Never to an Advanced level, some of them are used to live abroad, but mostly they have never learned English before.

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    〒112-0012 東京都文京区大塚1丁目5−18 室 11FーA 大伴ビル 11F A


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