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We are looking for a reliable ALT to teach in Junior high school (public) in Yuzawa in Niigata prefecture.

Job description:

  1. One year contract starting 2020 May 6th to 2020 March 2021.
  2. Pay: 268,500 yen per month(before tax)
  3. Bonus: 100,000 yen at the end of the contract upon satisfaction.
  4. We can provide working visa and health insurance if needed (Shakai Hoken 社会保険)
  5. Working Time : 8am to 5pm plus One evening of community class.
  6. We also provide a car to be shared with another ALT. (The ALT needs to pay for gas, oil, and must cover for any damage)
  7. Housing provided for 37,000 yen per month (right next to the school)


  1. Native English speaker.
  2. Reliable ( punctuality)
  3. College degree.
  4. Must be able to get along with people and young people.

We can help you settle down in Yuzawa! It’s a beautiful country side. If you enjoy being in the country side away from the crowd, and you enjoy teaching English to young people, this job might be just for you!

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