Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. (株式会社興学社)

About Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. (株式会社興学社)

“Interactive Education” is the starting point of “True Education”

Established in 1983, Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. is involved in many facets of education and training. Based in Shin-Yurigaoka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kohgakusha Co., Ltd. operates 70 schools throughout the Kanto region, 9 schools in the Kansai Region, and continues to develop classrooms in various locations.

Our goal is to provide students with skills that they will value for the rest of their lives. We believe the starting point of “true education” is “interactive education” and since the founding of Kohgakusha, we have been demonstrating to society the worth of this idea by integrating “interactive education” into our curriculum. Education that simply forces students to study is not effective. We encourage students to set their own goals and achieve them with the support and guidance of teachers and parents.

We believe that English is not only a spoken language, but also a living culture. Ever since opening our first English language division in 1994, we have experienced continual demand for English communication skills, and have been providing students with various unique methods that offer a complete English language experience.

Company Information

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  • 住所 日本、大阪府豊中市新千里東町1−1−5
  • 業種 教育、講師