Respected International Preschool, teaching 2-3-year-olds

Job Overview

  • 採用企業タイプ 直接採用
  • 業種 教育 / 講師
  • Salary 250,000-290,000 米ドル /月
  • 英語レベル 母国語レベル
  • 日本語レベル Not necessary
  • 国内の応募者に限定? 海外
  • ビザスポンサーシップ Yes

In this position you will have the same eight students from Tuesday to Friday. On Saturday, you will have a different group of students. You have the opportunity to bond and connect with the students on a personal level. You will guide and support the students as they grow from no English experience to understanding and producing English. The joy and pride you feel at the end of the year is unimaginable.

About the day:

There are eight students between 2-3-years-old.

9:00-10:00 Students will arrive and you assist them in putting things away and interact with the students.

10:00-11:30 Lesson time. You will teach alone but may ask for assistance when necessary. Japanese nursery school staff are available to help if students need changed. An English teacher is “on duty” to help in the classroom when needed. This teacher will also fill-in when preschool teachers are absent.

11:30-12:00 Lunch time. You will eat with the students and a lunch will be provided for you if you would like.

12:00-12:30 Recess time. Recess is outside when weather permitting.

12:30-14:30 Lesson time. The same as the morning session.

14:30-15:00 Students will be picked-up during this time or go to the “snack room” and have a snack while waiting to ride the bus or be picked-up.

15:00-18:00 In this time you will have an hour break but it may not be the same time each day. An hour break will start and finish on the hour. For the other two hours you will either have preparation time or class.

There are up to 10 students in a class. There are five different classes and the classes are decided based on age and ability. Students in the same class are of similar level and age. The bottom level class has 3-5-year-olds that are beginner students. The top-level class has elementary school 1st grade to 4th grade and they are all international preschool graduates or returnees. The class you would teach has not been decided and your assistance in deciding that will be needed.

9:00-10:00 Students will arrive and you assist them in putting things away and interact with the students.

10:00-12:00 Lesson time. Lessons in all five classes will include cooking, science, or crafts as part of the day and it will rotate on a monthly basis. The other lessons will be reading, writing, listening, and speaking. A variety of materials will be used dependent on the level of the students.

12:00-12:30 Lunch time. You will eat with the students and a lunch will be provided for you if you would like.

12:30-13:00 Recess time. Recess is inside with students deciding what activity to take part in. Activities include, reading books, playing boardgames, watching English DVD’s, or coloring and drawing.

13:00-15:00 Lesson time. Continuation of the morning session.

15:00-18:00 In this time you will have an hour break. An hour break will start and finish on the hour. For the other two hours you will either have preparation time or class.

We invest heavily on original curriculum to meet the needs of our students. Your ideas, knowledge, and feedback are necessary to continue the refinement and growth of our materials.

You will enjoy this position if:

  1. You want to see immediate and continued results in your students.
  2. You want to be treated and respected as an adult.
  3. You want to provide objective feedback and be heard.
  4. You want to open a school of you own in the near future
  5. You enjoy receiving objective feedback to improve your skills
  6. You enjoy giving objective feedback to improve you colleagues’ ability.
  7. You teach with care, affection, and excitement.
  8. You want to make decisions about the company’s future and execute that vision.
  9. You enjoy observing colleagues’ lessons and being observed by colleagues
  10. You want metrics to assess how well your students are learning.
  11. You want ongoing support and training.
  12. You enjoy preparing students for sports festival, star festival, art festival and performance festival.


You will not enjoy this position if:

  1. You want to stay inside your comfort zone.
  2. You don’t work well with others.
  3. You can’t make independent decisions and then take responsibility for their outcomes.
  4. You are unwilling to speak-up and ask for help when needed.
  5. You don’t offer opinions and thoughts when asked.
  6. You feel the company is separate from you and you are working for the company.
  7. You work and perform for someone other than yourself.
  8. You are not conscientious in your private and public life.
  9. You avoid conflict and take feedback personally.
  10. You leave things unsaid or you do not accurately express our feelings.
  11. You are of weak constitution or have poor personal hygiene. Getting ill is a high probability working with 2-year-olds.


About Owari-Ichinomiya:

Ichinomiya is in Aichi prefecture and is 15 minutes from Nagoya Station by JR train line and slightly longer by Meitetsu train line. Nagoya is the 4th largest city in Japan and is the home of Toyota. Nagoya is easily navigable and about anything you want can be found there. Nagoya is about 2-hours by train from Tokyo, 50-minutes from Osaka, and just 35-minutes from Kyoto by Shinkansen. Ichinomiya is easily traversed by bicycle and has large parks, a river, beautiful cherry blossoms, one of the largest Star Festivals in Japan, and many local festivals throughout the year. There is also a Costco only 20 minutes away from Ichinomiya for anyone wanting Western food. There are beaches in Aichi prefecture and mountains and skiing just across the river in Gifu prefecture.



Employees will join Shakai Hoken. Under Shakai Hoken the company will pay ½ of the health insurance cost and pension cost. You will have 10 days of paid leave. You will have unemployment and disability insurance. Children of full-time staff may join the school and come at no cost. Pay increases throughout the year are possible as ability and experience increases. We will assist with setting up housing if needed. Visa sponsorship is available. This position is ideal for anyone looking to settle down and build a career. It is also ideal for anyone looking to start her/his own school in the near future.

250,000- Little or no experience with 2-6-year-olds. But willing to learn through experience.

260,000- Has experience with 2-6-year-olds in Japanese preschool or an international preschool or Eikaiwa. Training is needed for non-proprietary methods, such as, basic classroom control.

270,000- Has experience and no training is needed on non-proprietary methods.

280,000- Has the ability to begin training other staff.

290,000- Has experience training other staff and accepts responsibility for other staff’s performance.

300,000- Has taken on a position inside the company leading to or producing a secondary revenue stream.

300,000+- Is taking responsibility for growth and development of a branch school of Head Start, ownership in the company.

400,000+- Fully developed a juvenile school to adolescents, additional ownership in the company.

500,000+- Creates mature and self-sustaining schools or fully develops and controls additional revenue streams, further ownership in the company.

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